Hello everyone, I am Jerson Rafol, an exchange student from Mindoro State College of Agriculture and Technology (MinSCAT) Main Campus, Mindoro, Philippines taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Biological Sciences, and I am going to stay in Universitas Lambung Mangkurat (UNLAM) Banjarmasin South Kalimantan, Indonesia.  I gather all my willingness and courage to apply in this program because I know in myself that there are a lot of things that I need to learn for my personal and professional growth. I tried to step out with my comfort zone because how can I expect to evolve in my lives and careers if I only stick to my habit and routine, that’s why I challenge myself and take a risk to help me to grow, become more effective and productive individual because one thing that I learned in my professor is that “don’t stay only at the four corners of the room, step outside and try to experience something new.”



All in all, My SEA-TEACHER journey is beyond surprising and stunning. The exchange program helped me a lot in developing my skill to become more productive and effective teacher, the way I handle my students, employing different strategies that will help stimulate learning, identifying my students need and the way I handle every problems and challenges during my stayed in Indonesia. It also helped me in my personal development since I became more independent something that I can be proud of, I also develop how to manage time and be more confident always. It helped me gained new friends and families that I can’t imagined that it will form outside the country with different races. This project really shows my burning passion to become more effective and efficient teacher someday.

My SEA-Teacher experience begins with the observation in week one, I observed different classes from Grade VII to Grade IX from Monday to Saturday which help me to come up with right strategies and method that I’m going to use in my teaching. It followed by the Teaching Assistance in week two, in this week I helped my coordinating teacher to prepare the materials needed in the activity. Week three, finally, my actual teaching to my students. In this week I encountered a lot of challenges but those challenges helped me a lot to strive harder and to be stronger person. And in my fourth week, my final demo happened and also this is the week which I’m busy doing the different requirements.

Even though there are many challenges throughout this project I faced it with all my heart. First, of course, being away with family and friends in the Philippines for almost 30 days but being away with my love one’s helps me to become stronger independent person at the same time I gained more friends here. Another, is the language, it was very hard at first to adjust to the environment whose people speaking unfamiliar to the language I am used to speaking. I really having a hard time to communicate with some of my students as well as the different vendors especially when I am going to buy something. But, because I am a determined person, I was be able to conquer this challenge, I used the power of technology today which is the google translate that’s why I can be able to communicate even though I have no buddy. Also, the challenge of having a different culture, but because we have one goal which is to learn, to share and respect, I was able to adapt their traditions and practices and I saw how rich their culture is which they can be share to the world. The foods which is unique and spicy, the sceneries and also the people living in Banjarmasin.

My SEA-Teacher journey will always stay in my mind and heart, the experiences that I created together with the person that I only bond for a month will always treasure in my heart. No such things can replace my experience in the City of a Thousand Rivers which helped me to become greater and better person. It is an honored for me to be one of the participants of this program who represented not only my beloved school but also my country which is the Philippines. Those experiences will help me in my future undertaking as a future educator and I will always forever grateful and happy for that.



The Teachers in SMP Negeri 1 Banjarmasin made use of varied instructional methods that will promote an effective and conducive teaching-learning process. They employed learner-centered approach such as collaborative, cooperative and problem-solving activities that will fit into the competencies that students must attain in their lessons. The teacher are also employing traditional method such as lecture method wherein the teacher is the sources of knowledge while the students are only seating on their chair listening to their teacher.

When it comes to the facilities of the school in terms of education, they have their library which is very accessible to both teachers and students wherein the students could use the library if they have an assignment, activities and research work to comply. And also the school have a computer room which is very accessible wherein the students are being expose with the trend in education through the use of technology.



The school are equipped with different learning materials like whiteboard and also they utilize the use of technology by making use of LCD projector, laptop and speaker. The use of this kind of technology in learning science is very much important for the students because through this the students could see actual video and pictures of the topic. The classroom are also equipped with the mock-up like the different systems in our body which is very easily for the students to identify the parts of the body.

The school also provides different equipment and apparatuses for laboratory activity, they have also computer laboratory, biology and chemistry laboratory and library which is very accessible to both teachers and students for the improvement of quality education in their school.


The school is making use of both authentic and traditional assessment wherein the authentic assessment measures the actual performance of the students like doing science experiment. The teacher connect this to real world task, while the method is application. This authentic assessment focuses in student structures wherein the direct evidence of the students are visible like the important knowledge and skill that students should demonstrate. In traditional assessment, the teacher use objective types of test like multiple choice and enumeration to measure the students’ knowledge.


The curriculum implemented in SMP Negeri 1 Banjarmasin is based on the Law Number 20 Year 2003 on National Education System Chapter IV, Article 10 states that the Government and the local government has the right to direct, guide and supervise the delivery of education in accordance with the legislation in force. Furthermore, Article 11 Paragraph (1) also states that the government and regional governments are required to provide services and facilities, and ensure the quality education for every citizen without discrimination. With the enactment of Law No. 32 of 2004 on Regional Government, Local Government authorities in providing education in the area becomes larger. The birth of both the law marks a new system in education of centralized systems tend to be more decentralized.


My cooperating teacher is prepared in terms of teaching plan because when I asked about the lesson plan, she gave me a soft copy of her lesson plan. But in term of applying it into the class, the teacher not well prepared because when I observed her, it almost an hour to prepare the different materials needed in the activity.



Based on my observation in my cooperating teacher uses varied teaching methods in their instruction. They uses deductive and inductive approach, discovery approach wherein the students discover their own learning, inquiry based which help the students to develop their critical thinking skills and lastly is the direct method wherein the teacher are the sources of knowledge and the students are only listeners.


SMP Negeri 1 Banjarmasin utilizes the books and the use of technology when it comes to learning materials. They have different kind of books that are very helpful for the students, they also have projectors and speaker that really a great aid for classroom instruction. Even though the advancement of technology are very visible, they do not eliminate the function of the books in the teaching-learning process.


SMP Negeri 1 has many sources of learning and technology it is through their facilities. The following are the facilities that SMP Negeri 1 has:

  • Computer Laboratory
  • Biology Laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Clinic
  • Basketball and Soccer Court
  • Mosque

Those facilities I mentioned above are the sources of learning that SMP Negeri 1 Banjarmasin could easily acess whenever they need it. This learning resources are of great help in developing themselves holistically.



The authentic assessment is very visible in SMP Negeri 1 Banjarmasin especially in science class beacause the teacher measure the students’ knowledge and skills through actual performance of the task like doing science experiment, written works like essay, submitting a creative works, solving mathematical problem and conducting different activities that poster their skills.



The curriculum implemented in SMP Negeri 1 Banjarmasin is based on the Law Number 20 Year 2003 on National Education System Chapter IV, Article 10 states that the Government and the local government has the right to direct, guide and supervise the delivery of education in accordance with the legislation in force. Furthermore, Article 11 Paragraph (1) also states that the government and regional governments are required to provide services and facilities, and ensure the quality education for every citizen without discrimination. With the enactment of Law No. 32 of 2004 on Regional Government, Local Government authorities in providing education in the area becomes larger. The birth of both the law marks a new system in education of centralized systems tend to be more decentralized.


Their lesson planning is only semi-detailed. But the lesson plan particularly its objectives must be based on the competencies that the students must attain. There is a big difference between their teaching plans here in Indonesia and Philippines when it comes to format and content. That’s why my cooperating teacher told me that it’s okay to use the teaching plan in the Philippines.



My cooperating teacher planned a head of time it is evident through the soft copy of her lesson plan that shown to me. The teacher researched for the possible references in order to help her to have information to teach to her students. She also browsed the internet for additional information and suitable activity to be given. She always exerted efforts to her lesson plan to make it better and beneficial for her students.


As I observed my cooperating teacher, she was not well prepared in terms of preparing materials because it’s almost an hour before she ready the materials needed in the activity. But in terms of executing the lesson is very organized and well prepared.


My cooperating teacher use the direct method which is the traditional way of teaching. She started with a prayer, checking of the attendance, review of the past lesson and then executing her next lesson. She is lacking in terms of disciplining her students because the students are very noisy and sometimes she’s not roaming around the classroom to check his students are doing. But besides that she is very approachable whenever the students has a questions, she always answer it with a kind manner. She is a kind of teacher that every students love.


The measurement and evaluation that my cooperating teacher are both authentic and traditional assessment wherein she evaluate her students in the activity and also use recitation and objective type of test. Through the recitation, the teacher will know if the students really understand the lesson. The teacher also incorporate question and answers and by that the students requires higher order thinking skills in order to develop their critical thinking.


During my teaching practice I employed learner centered approach. The first thing that I have done is the prayer followed by greetings and then classroom management and after that checking of attendance.

Before proceeding to our formal discussion, I asked them first about their past lesson and after that we proceed to the discussion. During my lessons I incorporated the question and answer portions so that the students will stimulate their minds so that I can assure that they are listening.

After discussing all the concepts about the parts of the plants, as a generalization I asked them about the importance of plants in their life. I also asked them if they have questions and any clarification about the topics and they said none. So it is the time for the assessment, as an assessment I gave them an objective type of test.


I got some problems when it comes to time management and organizing activities it is because the activity that should only consume 20 minutes to do that was consumed for almost 35 minutes it is because the students are not really focused on the activity that’s why I always remind them to focus and make attention to their activities.

My reflection about this is that next time I must first study the activity that I am going to give if it’s too hard or not.


In my discussion I incorporated a motivational question wherein the students must think what they should do if the plants will no longer be available in this world. And by that the student will think on their own ways on how they can help as a students to prevent those kind of things.


The overall classroom management is well executed because I was be able to follow the plan that I have prepared. Some students are noisy but I always remind them to please listen because the topic is very important. During my discussion some student are answering in chorus that’s why I told them that whenever they want to answer my question they need to raise their hand first and wait their name to call. And by that the students learned on how to someone who is talking.













This is the day were I waited for my whole Journey in Indonesia, the day were I am going to conduct my final demo teaching in SMP Negeri 1 Banjarmasin. Mix emotion I feel right now, being nervous for I am going to face another challenge that will test my capability as a teacher, but being said that nervousness is a normal feeling that a person feel. Another feeling I feel right now are excitement at the same time happy is just because it is another way of learning again and also another way of sharing of what I have to my Indonesian students. And of course despite of those feelings, I feel confident that I can do this with all of my preparations and hard work as a student teacher.


A picture showing my mentor from ULM Ma’am Amalia Rizki (left), me in the center and Ma’am Diah my coordinating teacher (right).

My Final Demo started at 10:45-12:05 and then continued at 12:40-1:20 pm. In that time there are so many things happened that I can never forget in my whole life.

A picture showing my grade 9-C students together with Ma’am Amalia and Ma’am Diah.

I started my class. I did what I’m usually doing and followed what my mentor suggested me to be confident. As I discussed the lesson about the parts of the plants, I having a hard with my students it is because they are not responding well in my discussion not like the other section I taught before but as a teacher we should become flexible that’s why I motivate them to speak what they have in their mind and not be shy, and by that I saw them change from being passive into an active and collaborative one. They also have an attitude wherein they answered me by raising their hand first as a sign of respect to me because I told them that I will not accept their answer if they will speak in chorus. During my demo, the flows of the discussion went well and successful especially in the activity part of my students which is to make their own model of plants. I grouped them with only 4 members because by that, they will function each and not going to depend in their group mates.

A picture showing the students are actively doing their activity about plants while the teacher observing and helping them.

After 20 minutes……


The results of the activity of the students wherein they won first and second place.

The other results of their activity about plants.

Thank God! It went successfully. I thanked my mentor, cooperating teacher and my grade 9-C class. And of course I also thankful to my buddies who helped to prepared all the materials I need in my final demo. My mentor told me that she will give my evaluation to Feyzar, one of my buddy, but she told me that my demo went well.

The evaluators while observing my demo.

During my final demo, I used not only PowerPoint but also visual aids and actual plants with different species so that my student will deeply understand my topic. I approach them in a way that they will not scared to me in giving ideas and opinions about the topics. I motivated them in order for them to increase their level of participation in class.


University of Lambung Mangurat and SMP Negeri Banjarmasin will be my second homes. I will going to SMP Negeri 1 every day and will go back to ULM every afternoon. Since I’ll have my practice in SMP Negeri 1, I have to know her more.

With a series of interview to the teacher and students, I know now about some facts and information about the schools.


YEAR 2017/2018 STUDY

  1. Name of School : SMPN 1 Banjarmasin
  2. Name Principal : Drs. H. Gt. Khairurrahman, M.Pd
  3. NSS / NPSN : 201156002001/30304177
  4. Land : 5.305m 2
  5. Year Established : 1927
  6. Study : SMP (Junior High School)
  7. Status : Country
  8. Address : Jalan Batu Tiban No. 23 Complex


  1. City : Banjarmasin
  2. Telephone / Faximil : (0511) 3353581 / (0511) 3353776
  3. Address Website :-
  4. E-mail :
  5. School : Urban
  6. School Conditions : The number of classes: 27 classes
  7. Type of School : A

Vision, Mission, and Goals Schools

  1. Vision

“Noble, Intelligent And Competitive In The Quality And Cultured

Environment “.


  1. The realization of a human being who is able to apply religious values in
  2. The realization of the competence of graduates who are intelligent, competent and competitive insight
  3. The realization of the school development environment cultured according to the value and the character of the
  1. Mission
  1. Develop the potential of students to apply religious values in life.
  2. Develop and implement a process of active learning, innovative, creative, effective and fun global
  3. Providing educational services as well as increased commitment to the school community functions and duties.
  4. Build and develop competence of learners with spiritachieving a competitive basis in the field of academic and non-academic.
  5. Availability of educators who have the competence and
  6. Foster a culture of love the environment so as to create learning and working conditions comfortable and productive for the school
  1. Aim

The objectives as follows:

  1. The realization of the school community to behave in accordance with religious values and the prevailing culture of
  2. The realization of a wide range of innovative learning model with various strategies ICT-based learning that is active, creative, effective and
  3. Realization of achievement in academic and non academic fields marked with won the championship in competitions at national and
  4. The realization of a complete infrastructure to provide education services adequate.
  5. Having educators who have the competence and qualifications according to their competencies, through various activities: MGMPs, Seminars, Workshops,Workshop
  6. Implement management development, human resource management, learning, means infrastructure, curriculum, assessment, student affairs and administration of schools that have characteristics of School Based Management (SBM), namely: independence, openness, accountability, stakeholder participation, flexibility, and
  7. The realization of the school development environment cultured according to the value and a national character to support the achievement of the quality of education by:
  8. Realizing clean living habits, competitions hygiene and
  9. Menciptaan cultured environment, beautiful, sustainable and
  10. Creating a culture of
  11. Realizing cooperation with other institutions in the development of culture environment

Profil SMP Negeri 1 Banjarmasin

The files includes the school profile of the schools, the mission, vision and goals. It also includes the different facilities and materials of the school, the total number of the students and their academic activities.

Syllabus in Science Grade

Syllabus in Science Grade

The files includes the syllabus of grade 7 and 9 science

Curriculum SMPN 1 Bjm (2018-2019).id.en

Curriculum of SMP Negeri 1 Banjarmasin year 2018-2019

WEEK THREE: Actual Teaching Part 3


Another day of teaching and I ready for it.

I woke up early for I will have a teaching in SMP Negeri 1 Banjarmasin Grade IX-H, but this time I’m not going to teach science subject but instead I’m happy and grateful to share and presents the culture and traditions of the Philippines to my Indonesian students.

As a motivation for them to listen more in my sharing about the Philippines, I come up again with the idea of giving rewards which is the Philippine Money and by that I saw their eagerness to listen and participate in my sharing.

My sharing started by a video presentation about the Philippines, students were amazed with the different scenery in the Philippines and they were always saying “wow, I want to go there” and by that I am happy to hear positive feedbacks from them. I also taught them how to count numbers in Filipino language, to saw them pronouncing it is such a great honor. I also included the National symbols of the Philippines and teaching them some Filipino words like “mahal kita”, “magandang umaga po” and many more.

After my discussion about the culture and traditions of the Philippines, I started to asked questions to my students. And I was amazed because one of my question is to count the numbers from 1 to 10 using Filipino language and most of my students raising their hand to answer my questions and when I called one of my student, he perfectly recited it. As a rewards I gave him 20 pesos and he was really happy when he received that rewards. After that, I asked again so many question and they all answered correctly, this shows that they were really listened to my discussion and I happy for that.

A picture showing my students with my coordinating teacher Mr. Sunardi.


A picture showing the  SEA-TEACHER discussing about the culture and traditions of the Philippines while the students are actively listening in the discussion


My students are raising their hand to answer my questions. They are actively participating in my class.


A picture showing the SEA-TEACHER participants are giving rewards for those students who actively participating in my discussion.

WEEK THREE: Actual Teaching Part 2

Each day, I become more excited to go the school to see my students of SMP Negeri 1 Banjarmasin even though sometimes they are noisy, I still want to teach them because if you are really enthusiastic about teaching you will never think of any hardship and hindrances along your journey as a teacher. I always think positively because I know it will help me to become a greater and stronger individual. I always looked at the bright side of my life ad thinking always the purpose that I am here in Indonesia.

It was my first time meeting the Grade IX-H and they were excited to listen and participate in my lesson. I started my class, I did what I’m usually doing which is my daily routine in teaching. I started with the greetings, review of the past lesson and then introducing the new topic. By the way my lesson is about “Pollination”. Our discussion started with a question about pollination and by that my students used their critical thinking skill. During my discussion, I noticed that they were very quiet and not mostly responding to my questions that’s why I boost their confidence by saying that I will give rewards which is the Philippine money if they were become active and participative in my class by that simple strategies I got their attention and started to answer my questions.


A picture showing the SEA–TEACHER participant and students are praying to ask for the guidance of the lord.



A picture showing the students answering the activity I gave to them.



A picture showing the discussion about pollination.


The students are actively doing their activity in the garden while I’m monitoring them so that if they have any questions regarding with the activity I can answer them anytime.


After my discussion, I gave them a group activity which is composed of 3 students, I gave them an activity sheet to answer and after that I let them to go to the garden to observe the different plants that will help to answer the activity. I gave them 20 minutes to observed and answer the sheet that I gave and while they are observing the garden, I roamed around to make sure that they are doing the activity that I gave to them. It is important as a teacher to monitor the students so that we can make sure that they are doing the right things and also if the students have a question about the activity we can explain and help them to succeed.

After they finished the activity we went back to the classroom and I let them to present their answers about the activity. I observed that when they are reporting or presenting their work in front of their classmate they are not confident, they have a low voice which cannot hear by their classmates especially at the back and you can see that it’s like their first time to present their work in front of the class. That’s why as their teacher I gave comments, giving them advice on how to improve their presentation next time in a manner that they will not hurt their feelings but instead it will serve a motivation for them to exert more effort next time.



A picture showing the students are presenting their reports. I notice during their reports they are  shy and not confident.



My lesson plan about plants

This file is the lesson plan about the parts of the plants that I use in grade 9 students.

My lesson plan about pollination

This file is the lesson plan about pollination that I use in grade 9 students.

Pollination activity

This file shows the activity sheet of the students.

Plants Reproduction

My PowerPoint Presentation about plants that I use in my grade 9 students. In my presentation I incorporate different pictures, design and animation so that my students will actively participating in my lesson.


This is my PowerPoint Presentation in pollination wherein I put different pictures, design and animation as well. I based those idea on my observation during first week wherein the students learn best when they incorporated with pictures.


WEEK THREE: Actual Teaching Experience Part 1

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for, after observing different classes in week one and teaching assistance, lesson planning and PowerPoint presentation making in week two now it’s the time to experience to teach Indonesian students. Those information I learned during week one and two I considered it in making my lesson plan, what materials and strategies should I used in order for my students to have an active participation in my class. I also considered the language they have, it is hard for them to understand and use English language and it is also burden in my part given the fact that I don’t know how to speak and understand their language that’s why in my PowerPoint Presentation I put designs, animation as well as different pictures that shows my topic so that they can still understand the topic.

I was assigned by my Cooperating Teacher, Mrs. Diah in Grade IX- A, with all the preparations I have and with the help of my buddy, I was be able to come up with a lesson plan I’m confident using with.

I was very nervous in my first ever class, my Grade IX-A class. As I entered I never know what to do but I told to myself that “you can do it, you waited for this moment” and I feel more relaxed and confident. When I’m going to start my lesson, I never expected that my laptop are not compatible in their projector. But if there is something I learned the most of being a teacher that is being flexible and no matter what happens, the show must go on. So, what I did was continue teaching using the whiteboard marker while waiting for my cooperating teacher to come back carrying laptop from the teacher’s room. I assure that my students will hear me and learn the lesson that’s why I force my voice. By the way I taught them about “The Different Parts of the Plants and Flower”. When I’m in the middle of my discussion, my cooperating teacher arrived carrying the laptop. So, I continued my discussion using the projector and my students are very happy because they amazed in my PowerPoint Presentation. Besides from the PowerPoint, I also used the actual plants with different kinds and also I used Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis to discuss the different parts of the flowers so that they can understand more the lesson if they are exposed to the plants we are discussing.


The students are actively listening to my discussion and you can see them that they are willing to learn something from a SEA-TEACHER like me.

I enjoyed teaching them. They were very participative and I can see them that they are trying their best to answer me using English. During my teaching in Grade IX, I notice that when they are answering my question most of them have a low voice that’s why sometimes I can’t hear what are they saying maybe they are shy to me but when I gave them an advice that not to be shy and be confident in their answer. I amazed because the atmosphere change into a lively and interactive one. I also notice that some of them answer me in chorus, they not raising their hand whenever they want to answer that’s why I told them that I will not accept their answer if they will answer me in chorus and by that they learned how to raised their hand and at the same time how to respect someone who is talking. Overall, my teaching is good because I was be able to follow the majority of the plans in my Lesson Plan.

By the way, I also giving rewards for my students, I oriented them that when they answers to my questions or when they very active in my class they will receive rewards. I giving them a Philippine money and by that I saw that they are eager to listen to our discussion so that they can answer my question.