WEEK THREE: Actual Teaching Experience Part 1

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for, after observing different classes in week one and teaching assistance, lesson planning and PowerPoint presentation making in week two now it’s the time to experience to teach Indonesian students. Those information I learned during week one and two I considered it in making my lesson plan, what materials and strategies should I used in order for my students to have an active participation in my class. I also considered the language they have, it is hard for them to understand and use English language and it is also burden in my part given the fact that I don’t know how to speak and understand their language that’s why in my PowerPoint Presentation I put designs, animation as well as different pictures that shows my topic so that they can still understand the topic.

I was assigned by my Cooperating Teacher, Mrs. Diah in Grade IX- A, with all the preparations I have and with the help of my buddy, I was be able to come up with a lesson plan I’m confident using with.

I was very nervous in my first ever class, my Grade IX-A class. As I entered I never know what to do but I told to myself that “you can do it, you waited for this moment” and I feel more relaxed and confident. When I’m going to start my lesson, I never expected that my laptop are not compatible in their projector. But if there is something I learned the most of being a teacher that is being flexible and no matter what happens, the show must go on. So, what I did was continue teaching using the whiteboard marker while waiting for my cooperating teacher to come back carrying laptop from the teacher’s room. I assure that my students will hear me and learn the lesson that’s why I force my voice. By the way I taught them about “The Different Parts of the Plants and Flower”. When I’m in the middle of my discussion, my cooperating teacher arrived carrying the laptop. So, I continued my discussion using the projector and my students are very happy because they amazed in my PowerPoint Presentation. Besides from the PowerPoint, I also used the actual plants with different kinds and also I used Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis to discuss the different parts of the flowers so that they can understand more the lesson if they are exposed to the plants we are discussing.


The students are actively listening to my discussion and you can see them that they are willing to learn something from a SEA-TEACHER like me.

I enjoyed teaching them. They were very participative and I can see them that they are trying their best to answer me using English. During my teaching in Grade IX, I notice that when they are answering my question most of them have a low voice that’s why sometimes I can’t hear what are they saying maybe they are shy to me but when I gave them an advice that not to be shy and be confident in their answer. I amazed because the atmosphere change into a lively and interactive one. I also notice that some of them answer me in chorus, they not raising their hand whenever they want to answer that’s why I told them that I will not accept their answer if they will answer me in chorus and by that they learned how to raised their hand and at the same time how to respect someone who is talking. Overall, my teaching is good because I was be able to follow the majority of the plans in my Lesson Plan.

By the way, I also giving rewards for my students, I oriented them that when they answers to my questions or when they very active in my class they will receive rewards. I giving them a Philippine money and by that I saw that they are eager to listen to our discussion so that they can answer my question.

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