All in all, My SEA-TEACHER journey is beyond surprising and stunning. The exchange program helped me a lot in developing my skill to become more productive and effective teacher, the way I handle my students, employing different strategies that will help stimulate learning, identifying my students need and the way I handle every problems and challenges during my stayed in Indonesia. It also helped me in my personal development since I became more independent something that I can be proud of, I also develop how to manage time and be more confident always. It helped me gained new friends and families that I can’t imagined that it will form outside the country with different races. This project really shows my burning passion to become more effective and efficient teacher someday.

My SEA-Teacher experience begins with the observation in week one, I observed different classes from Grade VII to Grade IX from Monday to Saturday which help me to come up with right strategies and method that I’m going to use in my teaching. It followed by the Teaching Assistance in week two, in this week I helped my coordinating teacher to prepare the materials needed in the activity. Week three, finally, my actual teaching to my students. In this week I encountered a lot of challenges but those challenges helped me a lot to strive harder and to be stronger person. And in my fourth week, my final demo happened and also this is the week which I’m busy doing the different requirements.

Even though there are many challenges throughout this project I faced it with all my heart. First, of course, being away with family and friends in the Philippines for almost 30 days but being away with my love one’s helps me to become stronger independent person at the same time I gained more friends here. Another, is the language, it was very hard at first to adjust to the environment whose people speaking unfamiliar to the language I am used to speaking. I really having a hard time to communicate with some of my students as well as the different vendors especially when I am going to buy something. But, because I am a determined person, I was be able to conquer this challenge, I used the power of technology today which is the google translate that’s why I can be able to communicate even though I have no buddy. Also, the challenge of having a different culture, but because we have one goal which is to learn, to share and respect, I was able to adapt their traditions and practices and I saw how rich their culture is which they can be share to the world. The foods which is unique and spicy, the sceneries and also the people living in Banjarmasin.

My SEA-Teacher journey will always stay in my mind and heart, the experiences that I created together with the person that I only bond for a month will always treasure in my heart. No such things can replace my experience in the City of a Thousand Rivers which helped me to become greater and better person. It is an honored for me to be one of the participants of this program who represented not only my beloved school but also my country which is the Philippines. Those experiences will help me in my future undertaking as a future educator and I will always forever grateful and happy for that.

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