This is the day were I waited for my whole Journey in Indonesia, the day were I am going to conduct my final demo teaching in SMP Negeri 1 Banjarmasin. Mix emotion I feel right now, being nervous for I am going to face another challenge that will test my capability as a teacher, but being said that nervousness is a normal feeling that a person feel. Another feeling I feel right now are excitement at the same time happy is just because it is another way of learning again and also another way of sharing of what I have to my Indonesian students. And of course despite of those feelings, I feel confident that I can do this with all of my preparations and hard work as a student teacher.


A picture showing my mentor from ULM Ma’am Amalia Rizki (left), me in the center and Ma’am Diah my coordinating teacher (right).

My Final Demo started at 10:45-12:05 and then continued at 12:40-1:20 pm. In that time there are so many things happened that I can never forget in my whole life.

A picture showing my grade 9-C students together with Ma’am Amalia and Ma’am Diah.

I started my class. I did what I’m usually doing and followed what my mentor suggested me to be confident. As I discussed the lesson about the parts of the plants, I having a hard with my students it is because they are not responding well in my discussion not like the other section I taught before but as a teacher we should become flexible that’s why I motivate them to speak what they have in their mind and not be shy, and by that I saw them change from being passive into an active and collaborative one. They also have an attitude wherein they answered me by raising their hand first as a sign of respect to me because I told them that I will not accept their answer if they will speak in chorus. During my demo, the flows of the discussion went well and successful especially in the activity part of my students which is to make their own model of plants. I grouped them with only 4 members because by that, they will function each and not going to depend in their group mates.

A picture showing the students are actively doing their activity about plants while the teacher observing and helping them.

After 20 minutes……


The results of the activity of the students wherein they won first and second place.

The other results of their activity about plants.

Thank God! It went successfully. I thanked my mentor, cooperating teacher and my grade 9-C class. And of course I also thankful to my buddies who helped to prepared all the materials I need in my final demo. My mentor told me that she will give my evaluation to Feyzar, one of my buddy, but she told me that my demo went well.

The evaluators while observing my demo.

During my final demo, I used not only PowerPoint but also visual aids and actual plants with different species so that my student will deeply understand my topic. I approach them in a way that they will not scared to me in giving ideas and opinions about the topics. I motivated them in order for them to increase their level of participation in class.

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