WEEK THREE: Actual Teaching Part 2

Each day, I become more excited to go the school to see my students of SMP Negeri 1 Banjarmasin even though sometimes they are noisy, I still want to teach them because if you are really enthusiastic about teaching you will never think of any hardship and hindrances along your journey as a teacher. I always think positively because I know it will help me to become a greater and stronger individual. I always looked at the bright side of my life ad thinking always the purpose that I am here in Indonesia.

It was my first time meeting the Grade IX-H and they were excited to listen and participate in my lesson. I started my class, I did what I’m usually doing which is my daily routine in teaching. I started with the greetings, review of the past lesson and then introducing the new topic. By the way my lesson is about “Pollination”. Our discussion started with a question about pollination and by that my students used their critical thinking skill. During my discussion, I noticed that they were very quiet and not mostly responding to my questions that’s why I boost their confidence by saying that I will give rewards which is the Philippine money if they were become active and participative in my class by that simple strategies I got their attention and started to answer my questions.


A picture showing the SEA–TEACHER participant and students are praying to ask for the guidance of the lord.



A picture showing the students answering the activity I gave to them.



A picture showing the discussion about pollination.


The students are actively doing their activity in the garden while I’m monitoring them so that if they have any questions regarding with the activity I can answer them anytime.


After my discussion, I gave them a group activity which is composed of 3 students, I gave them an activity sheet to answer and after that I let them to go to the garden to observe the different plants that will help to answer the activity. I gave them 20 minutes to observed and answer the sheet that I gave and while they are observing the garden, I roamed around to make sure that they are doing the activity that I gave to them. It is important as a teacher to monitor the students so that we can make sure that they are doing the right things and also if the students have a question about the activity we can explain and help them to succeed.

After they finished the activity we went back to the classroom and I let them to present their answers about the activity. I observed that when they are reporting or presenting their work in front of their classmate they are not confident, they have a low voice which cannot hear by their classmates especially at the back and you can see that it’s like their first time to present their work in front of the class. That’s why as their teacher I gave comments, giving them advice on how to improve their presentation next time in a manner that they will not hurt their feelings but instead it will serve a motivation for them to exert more effort next time.



A picture showing the students are presenting their reports. I notice during their reports they are  shy and not confident.


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