WEEK THREE: Actual Teaching Part 3


Another day of teaching and I ready for it.

I woke up early for I will have a teaching in SMP Negeri 1 Banjarmasin Grade IX-H, but this time I’m not going to teach science subject but instead I’m happy and grateful to share and presents the culture and traditions of the Philippines to my Indonesian students.

As a motivation for them to listen more in my sharing about the Philippines, I come up again with the idea of giving rewards which is the Philippine Money and by that I saw their eagerness to listen and participate in my sharing.

My sharing started by a video presentation about the Philippines, students were amazed with the different scenery in the Philippines and they were always saying “wow, I want to go there” and by that I am happy to hear positive feedbacks from them. I also taught them how to count numbers in Filipino language, to saw them pronouncing it is such a great honor. I also included the National symbols of the Philippines and teaching them some Filipino words like “mahal kita”, “magandang umaga po” and many more.

After my discussion about the culture and traditions of the Philippines, I started to asked questions to my students. And I was amazed because one of my question is to count the numbers from 1 to 10 using Filipino language and most of my students raising their hand to answer my questions and when I called one of my student, he perfectly recited it. As a rewards I gave him 20 pesos and he was really happy when he received that rewards. After that, I asked again so many question and they all answered correctly, this shows that they were really listened to my discussion and I happy for that.

A picture showing my students with my coordinating teacher Mr. Sunardi.


A picture showing the  SEA-TEACHER discussing about the culture and traditions of the Philippines while the students are actively listening in the discussion


My students are raising their hand to answer my questions. They are actively participating in my class.


A picture showing the SEA-TEACHER participants are giving rewards for those students who actively participating in my discussion.

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